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What is “Spilling Lemonade”?

Before I spill the lemonade...

Though I keep harping about how I should spend less time online, I often find myself jotting down “notes” to myself about real life issues that I would like to toss into my fiction.

The types of “real” issues that we face as women, people of color, women beyond their 20s and 30s, living the single life or maybe even ALL of what I just mentioned.

The types of real issues that force me to think, hash out my thoughts on paper and then sometimes post on my other blog.

But even some of what I hash out is censored and not for everyone’s consumption. Then there is the fact that I need to start keeping my other blog more “author-platform” and “writing life” oriented – the partial reason for creating this separate blog.

Okay, so, let me tell you how I came up with the title.


kenya moore tea GIF by Real housewives of Atlanta

I always loved that reference of “spilling the tea“, which refers to “gossiping and talking about things that are of a sensitive nature.”

I’m not a gossiper but I do like frank discussions about life, feelings and experiences that are real, authentic and a little messy.

So I took the “spilling” from the phrase “spill the tea”…


beyonce lemonade GIF

credit to and gif found at https://giphy.com/gifs/beyonce-lemonade-3o6ozydKTHI7ILj5Xa

You may have already guessed that the reference to “lemonade” relates to Beyonce’s “Lemonade” album. Before you get all excited, I don’t own the “Lemonade” album but I have listened to most of it.

I read somewhere in the media that it’s about “metaphorical making lemonade” and “overcoming hardship, turning things around, and triumphing over adversity” (these are not my words – I read it in an article somewhere and it simply stuck in my head) and I thought it was cool.

Then, coupled with my love of lemonade, especially pink lemonade, I figured why not use the word “lemonade” to replace “tea”….

My mind works in odd ways but in essence, that’s how I came up with the blog title:

Spilling Lemonade.”

I’ll end with this: I’m not interested in acquiring as many followers as possible on this blog.

My interest is in having this space evolve organically by sharing about what I mentioned in my introductory post. I’ll also reach out to you for your thoughts and posts that you may want to share.

Do you have any topics you would like to speak to? Have you written something that would fit into this space and would like reblogged here?

Just let me know by dropping a comment and I’ll get back to after my blogging break.




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