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Flirting And Happenstance

We met by happenstance.

It all started with me having to email someone to get something very transactional done during someone else‘s absence. A few email exchanges between us over a few days and the situation was put to bed. And in the following weeks when a handful of similar cases popped up, it was rinse, repeat and regulate.

Politely written emails on my part, quick and prompt resolutions on his part. Nothing earth shattering or complicated. Just me ticking items off of someone else’s to-do list so that I could get back to handling what was on my own plate.

Then one afternoon, he sent me an email asking if the snow storm had hit my neck of the woods yet (because Canadians love to talk about the weather). I described how it looked like a snow globe outside my window, added that I hated snow with a passion and that was the exchange that shifted the “transactional” to “light and fluffy” emails about snow, travel and coffee.

I didn’t think anything of it because there was nothing to think about.

Absolutely nothing.

Until we slowly shifted from “light and fluffy” to “sarcastic and witty” banter. Sarcasm and intelligent banter are things that I do well and he could almost match my level. I admit that I was a little intrigued because I don’t often encounter men who can give good banter.

And no, that’s not code for something else…

Over the weeks that followed, I started getting a flirty vibe from him and my gut is never wrong. But how can you really be sure if a man is being extremely friendly or subtly flirting when it’s by email?

I was definitely not going to attempt finding out by being flirty back. Too many unknowns and no Outlook profile photo on his email…hell no.

What if he was a young guy who thought I was around his own age because I’m always mistaken for younger than I am? Or what if he was age appropriate and all that witty banter was wrapped up in a cloak of Quasimodo-ness?

I decided to do what I do best in situations of uncertainty.

I played stupid and slowly started backing away from the situation, which of course forced him out of the land of “subtle”…

To be continued…

M  xoxo